Line + areaEdit

A simple line and area chart.

  import { LayerCake, Svg } from 'layercake';

  import Line from './_components/Line.svelte';
  import Area from './_components/Area.svelte';
  import AxisX from './_components/AxisX.svelte';
  import AxisY from './_components/AxisY.svelte';

  // This example loads csv data as json using @rollup/plugin-dsv
  import data from './_data/points.csv';

  const xKey = 'myX';
  const yKey = 'myY';

  data.forEach(d => {
    d[yKey] = +d[yKey];

    The wrapper div needs to have an explicit width and height in CSS.
    It can also be a flexbox child or CSS grid element.
    The point being it needs dimensions since the <LayerCake> element will
    expand to fill it.
  .chart-container {
    width: 100%;
    height: 250px;

<div class="chart-container">
    padding={{ top: 8, right: 10, bottom: 20, left: 25 }}
    yDomain={[0, null]}